Most useful information about Malta

Work permit

Do you need a Work Permit to work in Malta? As a result of Malta’s accession to the EU, citizens of EU/EFTA countries and their close family members (spouses and children), even if the latter are... Read more

Salaries in Malta

Average salaries The average annual gross salary in Malta is around €18,660 according to the National Statistics Office. However, specialists can earn much more. For example, a financial controller... Read more

Finding a job

Why do people want to live in Malta? Malta’s laidback lifestyle and perma-summer vibe make the country an attractive option for relocation and the booming economy here means that finding a job is... Read more

E-residence permit

The E-residence permit is your ticket to an easier life in Malta. It’s a biometric card which proves your right to live and get healthcare here. Application forms for the E-residence permit can be... Read more

Malta in figures

'Malta' the name from
Greek meaning honey

Red & White


EURO (€)

436,947 in 2016

Central European Time

International Dialling code

Left hand drive

Capital City
Valletta (il-Belt)
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