Government housing support

If you are on a low income and have few assets, the Housing Authority may be able to help. They offer schemes such as rent subsidies in private residences, grants to first time buyers for the construction or completion of a home and housing help for the disabled. The government also provides social housing but don’t hold your breath – over 3000 applicants are already on the waiting list.

Useful Information

Cheaper housing schemes
  • The government offers rent subsidies in private residences and other schemes. Click here to check whether you're eligible


Where should I stay when I first arrive?

Malta welcomes almost two million tourists a year so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a short-term pad on arrival. All the major online hotel agencies offer a good range of accommodation. If you’d prefer to rent an apartment, is a great resource or you can try and

What will I need to pay when I first rent a house or apartment?

It’s standard practice to pay one month’s rent in advance and an additional month as a deposit, although you may be asked for a larger deposit on fancier places.

How expensive is it to live in Malta?

There’s no doubt that prices are going up in Malta, but most foreigners will still find it reasonable to live here, especially compared to European capital cities. For a list of prices in Malta click here.

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