Travelling with pets

Before you travel to Malta with your pet, there are some things to consider.

  • Check whether your airline accepts pets; not all do.
  • Advise them that you’ll be bringing a four-legged friend – you’ll probably have to pay a fee.
  • Generally speaking, pets that weigh less than 10kg can stay in the cabin if they remain in their bag.
  • Pets other than dogs, cats or ferrets may need additional paperwork – check with the Agricultural Department for details.

Steps you need to take to travel with your pet

  1. If you are travelling from Europe, you’ll need an EU pet passport
  2. Your pet must be micro-chipped, have a rabies vaccination and subsequent blood test. This should happen 21 days before you travel
  3. You’ll need to have an accredited vet sign the EU health certificate
  4. Pet dogs need to have an Echinococcus (tapeworm) treatment a maximum of 5 days before you arrive in Malta. Tick treatment is encouraged
  5. You need to let the Malta Agricultural Department vet know when you will be arriving so that they can be ready to check your pet. Email them on

Bear in mind that if your paperwork is not shipshape, your pet could be refused entry or end up in quarantine.

You can get to Malta by air, or by ferry from Sicily if you're travelling overland.

Useful Information

Malta International Airport
Malta Agricultural Department
  • Inform the MAD vet about your arrival. Email them on
Agricultural Department
Pets from non EU countries
  • If your pet is not from an EU qualifying country, the rules vary depending on where you are coming from, the type of pet and whether you are travelling with the pet or separately. See here for more details
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